We use professional signal distribution programs to accurately calculate the loss at every TV point no matter if you need a simple analogue TV point to an optical fiber connection or any combinations of all the types.

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To connect a Terrestrial- or Satellite signal to your TV can be done by most installers and don’t need very expensive equipment to do it. Some home owners prefer to do it themselves, but you have to have the technical knowledge to get the best signal level and lowest noise levels. Extra points can sometimes be more difficult and sometimes need extra specialized equipment. Connections to the extra TV’s needs to be carefully planned as you may lose your signal and functionality.

Guest House and Lodges

I travel a lot and staying over in guest houses and lodges and can’t understand why the guest house and lodge owners spend a lot of money on the interior and exterior of the building, but the TV’s in the rooms have poor quality pictures. Questioning the owners they reply that they do it themselves or they use the local cheapest installer.

The equipment we use in these complexes is NOT the same as you will use in your house. If your decoder fails in your house, there is only one or two TV’s without a signal and only your children complaining in your necks, but if one component fails in a complex, all the TV’s lose their signal and you are sitting with a lot more unhappy clients. This equipment is more expensive than the normal house equipment and need more expensive installation equipment to setup and testing the system. This is the reason why  a quote for a quest house or lodge is considerable higher than a normal house installation.

Not all the home TV installers have the know-how to do a proper signal installation. If you are a guest house or lodge owner and need to improve your TV quality, ask the installer the following questions:

  1. What type of installation he recommends?
  2. What equipment does he use?
  3. Insist on a signal distribution plan with a signal level printout at every TV point. If they can’t provide it, ask them to call SATCOM to help them or call us for assistance.
  4. What are the guarantees?
  5. What is the installation period?
  6. How many similar installations have the installer done?

Get at least three quotes

We specialize in providing our installers with professional signal distribution plans according to the client needs. We also help them throughout the whole installation process to give the client peace of mind.

To accurately design a distribution system, we sometimes ask to provide us with a scale building plan.

If you need interactive TV system with/without internet, do your homework thoroughly or contact SATCOM for assistance.

Fracarro Testpoint PrintoutHotel and Hospitals

There are different types of installations. Information regarding the newest technology and upcoming technology MUST be communicated between all the persons involved with the project.

If you are a contractor specializes in installations of large distributions systems, we can help you in the initial planning, installation and commissioning of the whole installation process.

I’ve designed a couple of Hotel and Hospital such as Lesotho Sun Hotel, Tempe Hospital, Upington Hospital, De Aar Hospital, to mention some of the larger installations.

We do FREE quotations. Please contact us if you need any assistance.




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